29th March, 1915

My love! Yesterday was Palm Sunday, today we have the first evening of Passover, spring is coming rapidly! But as I said before, spring is coming only in nature around us. The soul, the spirit remain gloomy and dark. But the day must come when this curse is broken. Perhaps mankind will come to its senses! The endless hoping and waiting is now hard to bear.

The plague is still raging. The dead are carried out daily. I saw something sad this morning. Enticed by the lovely weather I went out early, and I saw a soldier who died last night being carried away on a stretcher covered with a sheet. Four soldiers carried it and one of them stumbled, the wind lifted the sheet. Lying on the stretcher naked, with crossed arms was the poor man who had died in feverish madness and terrible pain. It breaks one's heart. In the last months I have seen dead soldiers often, but this last night again impressed me deeply and remained with me all day. Yesterday forty new patients were brought to the hospital and ten men died. And so it goes everyday! Our officer's pavilion is still not affected. Only a young boy, a one-year volunteer medic has typhus and fights for his life. A victim of his profession! May God Almighty continue to help us in our fight with this terrible danger!

Today a lot of telegrams arrived again, unfortunately none for me. The telegrams were sent on 15th February. When will I get a message at last? I believe that I shall feel better when I am in contact with you, surely it cannot last long anymore? As I know you, I have no doubt you will write often and some of your mail will reach me. If only the first of your messages were here. But one gets so used to waiting, so I go on and wait patiently. Enough for today. Farewell my love, I think of you and embrace and kiss you and the children thousands of times.

© The estate of Otto Feldmann: Monica Lanyado, Tzafrah Shushan and Aya Shochat