10th April, 1915

My beloved little mouse! How stupid I am. I took it into my head that I have post from you today. The fact that it did not happen saddened and upset me. As if you did not write to me frequently? Today your first message would have been particularly welcome. As things are, this is a sad birthday, probably the saddest I ever had. But should I go on moaning and complaining again? It is pointless! My dear, I admit that I am very distressed but I shall try hard to be in a good mood again; but, of course I cannot promise I will. It is very advantageous that you will read these letters only after a long time when their impact will not be so tragic. I can, therefore talk about my feelings without hesitation. But today I do not feel like writing. Please do not be cross with me for that! Bye!

© The estate of Otto Feldmann: Monica Lanyado, Tzafrah Shushan and Aya Shochat