2nd August, 1915

Golden Else! This time I have no excuse for the long interval between my letters. The old lack of energy, which is made worse by the persistent absence of news from you and from Troppau, is the only cause of it. One had got so used to this busy idleness that I am amazed how fast time passes in doing nothing. The date indicates that it is a year since we left Breslau. What a year! How much sorrow, grief and fear lies behind us. And still, do we have the right to complain? Has not a benevolent providence been most merciful to us? After a year, are we not hoping for a happy reunion as we did last year when I turned the key of our flat for the last time.

It could have been much worse, the wheels of world history could have run over me, could have destroyed me leaving not even a trace of me behind. God has been merciful to me! If so, am I allowed to complain? No, even though it may still be a long time before we see each other again, I shall come back to you and my beloved children. To see you again! Darling, my most vivid imagination cannot paint a picture of that moment, although the thought alone is sufficient to send my heart into overdrive. I shall see you again! And seeing you again will be only an instant, a small fraction of the happiness that awaits me when I am allowed to be with you again, to live with and for you. But it is going to be a hard test of our patience yet. I fear it will not be this year. Vicious fighting still goes on at all fronts, peace is not in sight and the longing is great and increases daily. Tell me, darling, is it not unreasonable that I lament as I do, making my depressed mood even worse? Bye! Darling, remain in good health and let me embrace and kiss you. I am so full of pain and sadness.

© The estate of Otto Feldmann: Monica Lanyado, Tzafrah Shushan and Aya Shochat