21st October, 1915

My dearest! The tune of the song "Do I have to leave the little town" reflects again our basic frame of mind during the last week. It has been announced that 284 officers of the Austro-Hungarian army will be sent to the west and will be replaced by German officers. We applied to be sent to Irkutsk but the competition was too strong. My group will be going to Nizhne-Vdinsk. Probst will stay here, Psotta is with rheumatism in hospital and consequently will stay here as well. Dr Reif will be sent to Krasnoyarsk, Straut to Chitta and Prof. Schmidt to Borisovka. The main thing is that it will be a longish journey (again through Manchuria) which should reinforce our humour and nerves, and that I shall be by about 4500 km nearer to you. We are supposed to board the train tomorrow at noon and depart in the evening. For the last 6 days farewell celebrations have been going on; either the Austrian or the Hungarian band were playing, every evening we had grand concerts with one of the choral societies singing, emotional speeches were made, fun was being had. Everybody is in a good mood because the journey is perceived as the initial stage of our journey home. It is only regrettable that we shall have to cope again with a long interruption in our correspondence. Let us hope it won't be too long.

Just as happened on Edel's birthday, I shall be travelling on the 29th as well. That it will be a very difficult day for me goes without saying. Unfortunately the photo for which I have been waiting so impatiently has not reached me yet. However I do not wish to drive myself into a foul mood, it really does not serve any good purpose. Let us hope that our separation will not last too long; the pleasure and joy what we are waiting for will compensate us a hundred times for everything we have had to suffer. For today is the end of my "letter" and also the end of the chapter "Krasnaya Rechka. The next letter will then already be "From beyond Lake Baikal". Loving kisses to you and the children.

© The estate of Otto Feldmann: Monica Lanyado, Tzafrah Shushan and Aya Shochat